BTE Student Stories

BTE Site Spotlight on Auckland, New Zealand

Bridge to Employment is proud to spotlight BTE- Auckland, New Zealand! The program launched in February 2017 and has been hitting the ground running ever since. Together in partnership with Johnson & Johnson, James Cook High School, and Brothers in Arms, students have been immersed with new and exciting opportunities over the course of the last three years aiding in their professional development, career exploration, academic enrichment, and higher education preparation.

In December 2019, BTE-Auckland participants, together with all program supporters, will celebrate the conclusion of their three-year successful program. The following is a recap of some of this year’s program highlights. We are so proud of all our BTE-Auckland youth and program supporters!

Yearly Kick-Off

BTE- Auckland opened their year with a bang! Students and their families came together to celebrate the launch of the third and final program year. The event was a great opportunity for families to talk and get to know Johnson & Johnson Navigators, as well as learn about what the year had in store for students. Calendars of program activities were provided for the year, and the evening finished off with food… LOTS of food! Lots of food, fun, and meaningful connections made by all.

City Council Connection

BTE- Auckland had the exciting honor of hosting one of the city’s youngest City Council members of their area, who shared her journey of how she came from their area and at the young age of 23 entered into politics. She inspired the students and was generous with her experiences and pathways from high school, to university and then into politics. She also led a session around caring for your community and how to use your voice. It was a very impactful session appreciated by all!

BTE Camp

A big highlight of the year was BTE-Auckland’s “BTE Camp”, where students started the day out on the water learning about traditional navigation. They were given tools around planning and executing, along with exploring the richness and heritage they have as young people of Pacific Islanders. This event was followed by an evening of team-building and growing their trust and relationships with their Johnson & Johnson Navigators, as well as each other. Guest speaker, Efeso Collins, wrapped up the event by sharing his academic journey and his mission of serving his community.

Careers Day

Careers Day is an exciting day where students are given the opportunity to visit four different career sites. Students were given the opportunity to choose between going to Air New Zealand and exploring their training facilities, along with learning about the different jobs available ranging from engineering, flight hostess, pilot, electronics and metal work, chefing etc.; the Royal New Zealand Navy, where they saw the various opportunities that the Navy has to offer; as well as Medical, where students were split up into group and visited local hospitals. One group learned about the operating theatre, more specifically the anesthetist role; the second group had a tour through the x-ray and MRI scan department of South Auckland’s main hospital, Middlemore. Such an enriching and enlightening day!