BTE Student Stories


BTE Site:  Franklin Township, NJ

About Me:

My name is Trisha and I am super excited to be a student ambassador at ABTS! I am from Franklin Township in New Jersey, which is super green with lots of trees and a loving, welcoming community. I am a dancer and I love going out and spending time with my family and friends.

Interests & Hobbies:

  • Dance
  • Medicine
  • Softball

Your BTE Experience:

I am on the global youth leadership council, which gives me the opportunity to benefit BTE students worldwide. One of my favorite BTE experiences was watching virtual surgeries because I hope to one day become a cardiovascular surgeon.

Looking Forward to ABTS:

I hope to be able to help students to voice their opinions and positively impact the future of the Global BTE program. I also love meeting new people!

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