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Janssen Australia

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  • Rise & Shine
  • Cambridge Park High School
  • Productivity Bootcamp

In July of 2021, Johnson & Johnson expanded its BTE initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region. Janssen launched the BTE Sydney, Australia program in partnership with Rise and Shine and Cambridge Park High School.

Targeting 40 students enrolled at Cambridge Park High School, the three-year program will provide a variety of academic enrichment, career exploration, and higher education preparation opportunities in order to increase in the number of young people completing higher education and pursuing STEM careers. Specific program activities and support will be implemented throughout each program year to ensure students meet the designed yearly short-term outcomes.

Key activities include:

  • Company tours
  • Tutoring and homework support
  • Campus tours

News & updates

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By December 2023, the BTE-Sydney program anticipates achieving the following End-of-Grant outcomes: