J&J Local Partner


Community Partner

  • Aspira, Inc of Puerto Rico – Coordinating Entity
  • José Campeche High School
  • Universidad de Puerto Rico
In September 2015, Johnson & Johnson with Ethicon, ASPIRA, Inc. de Puerto Rico, and the University of Puerto Rico launched a BTE program in the San Lorenzo, Puerto Rico community. Targeting 50 students (rising tenth graders in school year 2015/16) enrolled at Jose Campeche High School, the three-year program will provide a variety of academic enrichment, career exploration, and higher education preparation opportunities in order to increase the number of students enrolling in higher education and pursuing health careers. Key activities include:
  • Academic Tutoring. Bi-weekly small group math and science tutoring sessions.
  • BTE Challenge. Team-based academic competitions.
  • Educational Workshops. Workshops aimed at improving students' study skills, use community / school resources, and time management, among others.
  • Work Readiness Workshops.  Session aimed at building key employability skills, such as interviewing, resume writing, communication, leadership, teamwork, and personal presentation.
  • Career / Educational Counseling. Periodical sessions focused career exploration - especially in the health, mathematics, and science careers.
  • Career Fairs. BTE student-organized career fairs at Jose Campeche High School for all enrolled students; fairs will feature post-secondary and higher education institutions, professionals in math, science and health related careers
  • Lunch & Learns. Informal learning activities.
  • Tours & Field Trips.  Visits to Ethicon and various post-secondary institutions.
  • Summer Camp. An intense learning activity during the summer holiday.
  • College Entrance Exam Tutoring. Intensive College Entrance Exam (PEAU) review sessions.
  • College Support.  Workshops for parents and students on the college and financial aid application processes.
  • Community Service. Each BTE student will participate in 15 hours to community service per year.