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Janssen Biotech

Community Partner

  • Montgomery County Community College – Coordinating Entity
  • Norristown Area School District
In September 2017, Janssen Biotech (Malvern, PA) partnered with Montgomery County Community College (MCCC), and Norristown Area High School (NAHS) to launch a Bridge to Employment (BTE) program in Norristown, Pennsylvania. Targeting 40 tenth grade students enrolled at Norristown Area High School in school year 2017-2018, the three-year program prepared students to attend and thrive in college and understand career options available in the health sciences and STEM fields. Key program activities included:
  • Value Stream Activities—Many of the BTE activities in the first two years focused on an investigation into a product value stream (aka The Value Stream). Students were introduced to each functional area through visits to various Johnson & Johnson sites and Montgomery County Community College, hands-on projects, and student presentations.
  • Dual Enrollment College Course—BTE students took, as a cohort, the course Strategies for College Success. The course focused on Key Academic Behaviors and Contextual Skills and Awareness areas of Conley’s comprehensive college readiness model. Topics included, but were not limited to, goal setting, time management, note-taking skills, test-taking skills, social and emotional intelligence, and college support services and resources
  • College and Career-Readiness Workshops—BTE students visited colleges, sat in on classes, and, along with their parents, participated in various workshops that illustrated the value of college and important information on how to access college.
  • Career Coaching—2-3 students were paired with 1-2 career coaches throughout the program. Career coaches helped students develop soft skills, worked with them on life planning, attended community service activities with students, and other activities.

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