J&J Local Partner

Johnson & Johnson Medical / Ethicon

Community Partner

  • West Lothian College
  • Inveralmond Community High School
  • West Lothian Chamber of Commerce
  • West Lothian Council, Education and Cultural Services
  • Scottish Business in the Community

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BTE -Livingston expanded the learning of and provided enrichment opportunities for students enrolled in Inveralmond Community High School’s Health Academy. Johnson & Johnson Medical and Ethicon in partnership with Scottish Business in The Community, West Lothian College, West Lothian Council Educational and Cultural Services, West Lothian Chamber of Commerce, and the UK National Health Services served as key partners strengthening the work. Established in April 2007, the two-year Health Academy exposes and prepares underserved students for a variety of healthcare careers. Through the BTE initiative, Health Academy students participated in a variety of “real-world” opportunities, including company tours, job shadowing, employability skills workshops, and social enterprise activities.  As a result, students gained self-management and employment skills that enabled them to pursue careers in the health care industries and professions. Johnson & Johnson Medical employees also served as mentors and career coaches, helping students to make informed decisions and equip them for the world of work. Because parental involvement is key to reinforcing the motivational messages of the initiative, annual parent forums were held.  During these events, parents/guardians met with the BTE representatives and saw firsthand the support mechanisms provided through the BTE initiative for their children.

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