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Janssen (formerly Janssen Biotech)

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  • Kennett High School
  • West Chester University – Coordinating Entity

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The BTE program at Kennett High School exposed students in grades 9-11, to the variety of health career opportunities. Through academic enrichment, mentorship, job shadowing, and enhancement of after school opportunities, students learned about the health care industry, applied classroom curriculum, and developed their skills in communication and leadership. Specifically, the program aimed to:
  • Prepare high school students who have academic potential to meet the challenges of the work world and today’s complex society;
  • Increase the high school graduation, post-secondary/college matriculation, and post-secondary/college completion rates for the students in the BTE program;
  • Reinforce and enhance parental involvement in the student’s high school education and career path development and choice;
  • Increase the number of Kennett High School students choosing health care career tracks for their future.
To achieve these goals, Centocor employees mentored high school students and introduced them to a various opportunities in the health care and science fields. Student academic needs were identified and given additional support to ensure their school success. The program provided family support and encouraged parental involvement. Over the summer, BTE students participated in a two-week Summer Institute. During this unique summer camp experience, students attended West Chester University for one week where they develop communication, team work, and leadership skills, as well exposed to the college courses. In week two, Centocor mentors offered their students hands-on opportunities and job shadowing at Centocor's science laboratories.

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