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Community Partner

  • Aspira, Inc of Puerto Rico – Coordinating Entity
  • Dr. Conchita Cuevas High School
  • Petra Corretjer de O’Neil High School
  • Universidad de Puerto Rico

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In September 2014, Johnson & Johnson in partnership with Janssen (Gurabo and Manatí sites), ASIPIRA, and The University of Puerto Rico launched a new BTE program in Puerto Rico.  Targeting 52 youth at two local high schools (Dr. Conchita Cuevas High School in Gurabo and Petra Corretjer de O'Neil High School in Manatí), the three-year program aimed to increase the high school graduation rate among participants, increase the number of BTE students attending higher education and pursuing science and health careers, and support students to participate in community service. BTE-Gurabo/Manati's activities consisted of:
  • Academic Tutoring:  Small-group, academic tutoring in Mathematics, English, and Science offered four days per week by qualified teachers.
  • Career Readiness & Exploration: Through, tours, field-trips, job shadowing, and hands-on lab experiences, Janssen and other partners to offer career exploration activities.
  • Advice & Inventories: Small group and individual sessions aimed at supporting BTE students in their career selection process; students will also take a career interest assessment and an advisor / school counselor will provide individual feed-back and guidance.
  • Campus Visits & College Prep: The University of Puerto Rico and other post-secondary campuses will offer guided tours, outline the entrance requirements, and provide application support.   In Year 2, students received 12 hours of college admission test preparation.
  • Financial Education & Planning:  Sessions aimed at understanding the financial options available to pay for post- secondary education.  Assistance with completing the FAFSA will also be provided.
  • Career Exploration: Mentoring, job shadowing, college preparation activities, visits to health care-related sites, career counseling, and workshops on topics related to personal and professional development. In Year 1, students participated in field trips to Janssen facilities, academic tutoring, a musical theater presentation, workshops on self-esteem and on résumé writing and interviewing, and a visit to the UPR Humacao Campus.