J&J Local Partner

Johnson & Johnson Technology

Community Partner

  • Franklin High School
  • Rutgers University
On October 2, 2020, Johnson & Johnson Technology, in partnership with Rutgers University's Transitional Education and Employment Management (T.E.E.M.) Gateway, Franklin Township Public Schools, and Franklin High School launched the Bridge to Employment (BTE) program in Franklin Township, New Jersey. The three-year program seeks to increase the number of young people attending higher education and pursuing STEM careers. Targeting 50 Grade 9 students attending Franklin High School in school year 2019-2020 with a minimum GPA of 75% and exhibiting good attendance, partners provide a variety of academic enrichment, career exploration, higher education preparation, and community engagement and leadership opportunities. To support the BTE warriors in the attainment of their goals, the program will implement the following activities:
  • Course Planning – Franklin High School offers a range of high-level academic, pre-college, and career training courses and resources. BTE Warriors will demonstrate increased access to and engagement in course plans that exceed the minimum requirements for high school graduation.
  • College and Career Understanding – BTE Warriors will gain exposure to a range of career opportunities in fields related to their strengths and interests; will identify careers of interest including careers in STEM2D; and will build knowledge of educational pathways into a variety of careers, existing programs and resources to increase access to those pathways, and ways to address barriers to their success.
  • Work Readiness Skills – Participants will gain hands-on experiences to better define their own strengths and interests, prepare for the world of work, and build professional networks and personal resilience.
  • Community Engagement – One component of leadership development activities, a service learning project will be student-led in design and implementation by the BTE-Franklin community.

Key Program Activities


By June 2023, the BTE Franklin program anticipates achieving the following End-of-Grant outcomes: