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Community Partner

  • MyKindaFuture – Coordinating Entity
  • Easthampstead Park Community School
In September 2018, Johnson & Johnson UK, Johnson & Johnson Medical, MyKindaFuture, and Easthampstead Park Community School launched BTE-Bracknell. The program enrolled 58 Year 10 students enrolled at Easthampstead Park Community School in school year 2017-2018. Throughout the three-year program, the partners provided a variety of academic enrichment, career exploration, and higher education preparation opportunities, including:
  • Continuing Professional Development for Teachers: Tours and networking opportunities with Johnson & Johnson employees aimed at improving teachers' knowledge of the STEM sector and how it can be applied / integrated into the secondary school curriculum.
  • Academic Support: Revision and subject-specific support and tutoring for students.
  • Experiential Sessions: Hands-on experiments and demonstrations of products or technology to inspire students.
  • Career Fairs and Tours: Exposure to a variety of STEM and health-related organizations.
  • Guest Lectures: Experts will share their own experience or expertise on inspirational topics.
  • Employability Workshops: Skill-building workshops on key career-readiness topics, including: career planning, interviewing, working as a team, communicating, and making presentations.
  • University / Apprenticeship Talks: Exposure to current students enrolled at various Universities or in an apprenticeship to network, ask questions, and gain inspiration.

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