BTE Onboarding Orientation Feedback Form

  • Exploring Your Onboarding Orientation Experience

    On behalf of Johnson & Johnson Corporate and FHI 360, thank you for completing the BTE Onboarding Orientation experience. In an effort to continuously improve, please take a brief moment to complete the following form and share feedback regarding your experience. We appreciate all of your time and insights!
  • Short-Answer Responses

    Please provide a brief response to the following questions. Your responses will help the team ensure partners have a firm understanding of their roles and responsibilities, as well as the general BTE program goals, policies, and procedures.
  • Please share insights on topics or discussions that were most helpful from your Onboarding Orientation.
  • Please share any thoughts or recommendations as to how the BTE Onboarding Orientation can be improved, whether overall structure, delivery, topics, etc.
  • Checking for Understanding

  • Please select which option best represents how you currently feel regarding your understanding of your role and responsibilities.
  • Please select which option best represents your understanding of the BTE global attendance policy for students, required consent and acknowledgements, and total hours of programming required on an annual basis.
  • Please select which option best represents your understanding of the BTE global evaluation requirements (i.e., annual surveys, focus groups, collection of academic data, BTE participants v. comparison groups, etc.)?
  • Please use the space below to provide any additional thoughts or recommendations or to ask any outstanding questions you may have.