Pathway to Success: Winter Seminar 2019

Pathway to Success: Winter Seminar 2019 Survey

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  • Energy for Performance by Dr. Raquel Garzon

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    I learned how my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health are connected and can effect my overall performance in life
    I learned new skills to help balance my professional and personal lives
    I was provided with a foundation that will lead to a healthier lifestyle
    I learned new exercises that will aid in my physical health
    I have a better understanding of how to set goals and hold myself accountable
    I was provided with a variety of tools to help build a positive mindset
    I learned of new areas of growth and self-improvement I can work on
    I would like to participate in this program again for further development
    I feel this seminar was held at an appropriate time in my life
    The presenter held my attention and was actively engaged during this seminar