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In February 2014, Johnson & Johnson, in partnership with Janssen, 2realise, Macquarie University, and Northern Sydney Institute of TAFE launched a new BTE program in Sydney, Australia for 47 youth attending Marsden High School. Throughout the three-year program, the partners collaboratively provided a structure for academic and work-based learning to strengthen higher education pathways, expand student knowledge of the science and healthcare industry, and improve students’ academic achievement. BTE students had the opportunity to participate in the following program activities:

  • Science Workshops. BTE students participated in Microbiology workshops at Macquarie University.
  • Examination Support & Study Workshops.  Macquarie University students tutored and provided support to BTE students prior to the half-yearly and yearly examinations.
  • First Aid Training. BTE students acquired a Senior First Aid certificate and qualification.
  • Career Coaching. Janssen mentors hosted Lunch & Learn sessions with BTE students, assisted in the completion of an annual BTE project, and supported the development of key work readiness skills.
  • Industry Tours and Career Exploration. Students participated in industry tours, including: Johnson & Johnson, NSI TAFE (Nursing section), Macquarie University Hospital, and the Hearing Hub to learn about various career options and pathways.They also attended career experience day in which they visited the Stephen Sanig Research Institute to learn about the process of scientific research and participated in practical activities.
  • Job Shadowing.  All BTE students shadowed a Janssen employee.
  • Resiliency Workshops. Students were linked with Macquarie University students studying a psychology or social science discipline (part of Macquarie University’s PACE program) to gain resiliency skills, among others.
  • Higher Education Tours. Students will participate in tours and Open Days at a tertiary education facility, such as TAFE or Macquarie University, to learn about available courses, associated career pathways and entry requirements.


The independent evaluation of the BTE-Sydney, Australia site found several positive outcomes:

  • 79% of BTE participants completed the three-year BTE program (38:48 students).
  • Science grades for BTE students increased 22% from Baseline
  • 100% of BTE students aware of higher education opportunities
  • 75% of BTE students say that the BTE program has motivated them to work harder
  • 85.71% of BTE students report BTE provided them with an advantage when applying to Higher Education and jobs
  • BTE participants were very confident (79% – 100%) in all categories of work readiness skills.
  • Johnson & Johnson’s three local operating companies (Mentor, DePuy Synthes, and Janssen) each invested $30,000 to launch a new local BTE program, which will run over the next 3 years (2017– 2019) and target 40 students.

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