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FHI 360 is working with Johnson & Johnson Vision, the University of California, Irvine’s (UCI) Center for Educational Partnerships (CFEP), High School, Inc., and Valley High School plan to launch a new Bridge to Employment (BTE) program in Orange County, California, USA in September 2020.

The three-year program seeks to increase the number of young people enrolling in, attending, and completing higher education and pursuing Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Manufacturing, and Design (STEM2D) careers. The partners will provide a variety of academic enrichment, career exploration and readiness, higher education exploration & preparation, and community engagement and leadership opportunities including:

  • Academic Advisement– where students will be encouraged and supported in the completion of their district or school sponsored SAT preparation
  • Career Advisement– students take appropriate career assessments to inform their Education Career Plan (ECP)
  • Personal Interest Inventory– students learn to assess their strengths to aid in short-and-long term planning and to inform personal development
  • Career Readiness/Foundational Skills Workshop– students will participate in workshops which cover resume building, STEM activities, professional etiquette etc.
  • Career Exposure– through career awareness sessions, job shadowing opportunities, internships 
  • College Preparation Workshops– financial aid, college application preparation/coaching, college transition etc.
  • Field Trips, Tours and Demonstrations– exposure to college campuses, facilities tours etc.
  • Community Engagement Events & Activities- kickoff event, leadership development training, service experiences etc


By the end of the BTE-Orange County / Valley High School, California program (June 2023), partners expect the following outcomes:

  • 95% of BTE students who complete the BTE program graduate from high school.
  • 90% of BTE students complete the graduation requirement of their specific CHANGE Academy.
  • 100% of BTE graduates apply to at least one post-secondary institution and complete a financial aid application.
  • 80% of BTE students report having the essential skills needed for college and career success.
  • 90% of BTE students feel connected to a caring adult associated with BTE and/or the school community.
  • 90% of BTE graduates enroll in a post-secondary institution.
  • 100% of BTE graduates have an Education and Career Plan (ECP) that focuses on post-secondary education options.

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