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Johnson & Johnson plans to expand its BTE initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region. FHI 360 is working with Janssen Australia, Rise & Shine, and Cambridge Park High School to collaboratively design a new BTE program in the Sydney community.  Johnson & Johnson hopes to launch the program with students in the 2021 school year.

More to come!


By December 2023, the BTE-Sydney program anticipates achieving the following End-of-Grant outcomes:

  • 80% of BTE students show positive growth in the average score of literacy and numeracy performance from Year 9 to HSC 
  • 100% of BTE graduates are employed or plan to pursue further study 
  • 30% of BTE graduates chose a STEM2D education or career pathway post-school.
  • 100% of students report that they have the knowledge, skills,  and abilities to successfully gain employment and/or pursue post-secondary education.
  • 100% of BTE students are able to make a well-informed, relevant decision about their education and career plans​.


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