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The BTE-New Brunswick, New Jersey (4) implemented a variety of activities aimed at enhancing the academic and extracurricular performance of 27 students from New Brunswick Health Science Technology High School (NBHSTHS) or New Brunswick High School.

In 2008-2009, the program “built a strong academic foundation.” BTE students strengthened basic academic concepts and mastered core math and science fundamentals through weekly academic support and tutoring with students from Rutgers University. Rutgers University’s Marine Science Department hosted BTE students for a marine biology research project and organized related field trips.

School Year 2009-2010, “excellence in academia,” focused on developing and strengthening test taking and study skills. The Saturday Academy at Rutgers University included academic support sessions, as well as chemistry, geometry, and algebra II tutorials. BTE students completed a science-based, team project focused on parasitology.  Johnson & Johnson mentors helped students explore potential healthcare careers, and BTE students spent four days job shadowing a STEM professional.

In Year 3, the program was devoted to college connections, college preparation and mastering the SATs.  All students participated in an intense SAT Prep course run by the New Brunswick Saturday Scholars Program.  Students received guidance from the Johnson & Johnson Mentors on their college and scholarship applications and participated in a six-week summer program, preparing them for college-level biology and chemistry.  During the final year of the program, BTE “college-bound” students were given a host of college application assistance. Students enrolled in two college level English courses, equivalent to Basic Composition 100 and Expository Writing 101 at Rutgers University, receiving six college credits.  Throughout the program, BTE students worked with Johnson & Johnson mentors forty hours per year, developing life skills and soft skills, which are necessary in a professional environment. Visits and tours to Johnson & Johnson World Headquarters and other local operating companies exposed students to different healthcare careers.


The impact on BTE-New Brunswick, NJ Graduates exceeded its targets.

  • 100 percent students accepted to an institution of higher education; 35 percent  accepted into multiple institutions of higher education.
  • 100 percent graduates attending an institution of higher education.
  • 39 percent graduates received scholarships or financial aid, including 5 students awarded scholarships from Johnson & Johnson Corporate; average Scholarship Amount: $70,94471.
  • 80 percent  of BTE Scholarship winners have a first-semester college GPA of 3.25+.
  • 71 percent of graduates from HSTHS and 43 percent  BTE graduates from NBHS plan to major in health / STEM at an institution of higher education.
  • 61 percent  of graduates agreeing that the BTE program provided an advantage when applying to higher education/jobs.

Additional impacts incurred for Johnson & Johnson employees volunteering with the BTE program:

  • 80 percent of employees indicated that the BTE program gave them new ideas or fresh perspectives.
  • 80 percent of employees indicated that the BTE program improved their communication skills; 60 percent  indicated enhanced own professional development, presentation skills, and ability to work with peers.
  • 80 percent of employees plan to participate or volunteer for other community service opportunities.
  • 60 percent feel more connected to the local operating company and community.
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