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The 27th annual Alliance Building & Training Session (ABTS) was held virtually on September 13-15, 2022 using the 6Connex virtual conference platform. Day 1 began with opening remarks facilitated by FHI 360 and Johnson & Johnson, followed by an ABTS favorite- the Student Ambassador Showcase! During this year’s ABTS, 18 Student Ambassadors from 12 BTE sites across the globe were challenged with working towards a STEM2D Design Process digital badge. Ambassadors were tasked with creating their own miniature golf course that incorporates the use of simple machines and showcases BTE’s 30-year history. Student ambassadors were tasked with designing, building, and testing their simple machines through the use of 3D modeling and prototyping. Live judging was conducted, with the winning team representing BTE sites from High Wycombe, United Kingdom and Tswelopele, South Africa!

ABTS attendees had the chance to participate in a Jingle Jam icebreaker, creating fun musical introductions of both themselves and their BTE sites. This definitely set the tone for a fun-filled, enriching ABTS experience! Following the Jingle Jam, the first ABTS Keynote was held with Larry Jones, Johnson & Johnson’s Senior Vice President and Group CIO, Medical Devices. This powerful session gave attendees a chance to learn insights from J&J Corporate with regard to the importance of mentorship and the value and impact it can have on both BTE participants and volunteers. Expanding upon this extraordinary keynote, experienced BTE Champions and mentors, Paola Martinez Chinas (BTE Mexico City, Mexico) and Tapiwa Tevera (BTE Tswelopele, South Africa) were joined by BTE alumni during the Impact Reflections & Vision Boarding session. Panelists reflected on positive influences and impacted of their BTE experiences, as well as discussed and brainstormed how existing BTE programs can maximize impact and increase reach in the communities served. It was a motivating session for all! The BTE family was also given a chance to learn more about the diverse BTE programs by visiting live BTE Site Booths representing BTE Warsaw, Indiana, USA; Orange County, California, USA; and Ewing, New Jersey, USA. Attendees also had a chance to learn firsthand tips for success when it comes to expanding program visibility and media coverage during the Communicating Impact session. The BTE family finished the day with a fishbowl of BTE experts who discussed how to help keep youth motivated and committed to the program. It was a wonderful first day for all!

The following Day One presentations and session materials are available for review:

Opening Session

ABTS 2022 Keynote

Panel Discussions

Learning Session