BTE Student Stories

Madrid group

Bridge to Employment (BTE) challenges students, often transforming adolescents into mature and driven adults ready to enter exciting healthcare fields. Consider just two of the students of BTE- Madrid.

Iris Gómez Adarve

BTE Student and ABTS Ambassador (2012)

Iris learned who she could really be through the BTE-Madrid program. She entered the program unsure of herself and her future. As one mentor and leader described, “Iris’ evolution has been more than amazing, not only for the link created with (BTE), but also for her maturity, self-confidence and personal autonomy acquired during the project. By participating in (BTE) and making it part of herself, Iris gained a sense of confidence and trustworthiness which have pushed her to develop the potential she has.”

Natalia Vilchez Ávila

BTE Alumni

Natalia is a shining example of a young woman who can rise above adversity. During her time in the BTE- Madrid program, Natalia faced one of the most difficult situations any young person can face—the illness and death of her mother. Yet through this challenging time, Natalia remained a dedicated student, devoted to BTE activities, and successfully passed the test to continue higher vocational education. Today, Natalia is gainfully employed in her field of study.