BTE Student Stories

Jennifer Cuadras-Marroquin

Congratulations to 2020 BTE graduate, Jennifer!

What are your plans after graduation?

I am planning to go to Mercer County Community College to study Criminology.

What is your favorite BTE memory?

My favorite BTE memory is when we had the kick-off on November 20. I gave a speech in front of everyone. That was when I realized I had overcome my shyness, and that was because of BTE members, coaches, and Bonners, who helped me a lot to overcome my weaknesses. That day we ate, we laughed, and we shared. That’s one of my best memories in BTE.

What are you looking forward to the most after graduation?

My plans are to go to Mercer County Community College and study Criminology and Psychology.

Who would you like to recognize from your BTE journey?

Definitely, the one and only Ms. Marino, who was always there to listen to me and to give me great advice. She was the one to clarify all my doubts and obscureness. I also want to thank Sapphire, the Bonner who opened my eyes, and with her wisest words gave me the courage to keep looking forward no matter what! Both of them have become really special to me, THANKS!