BTE Student Stories


BTE Site: High Wycombe, England

About Me:

My name is Fatima and I live in High Wycombe, which is a town near London. The community is very diverse and closely knit so whilst on walks I’d often run into people and we’d be able to catch-up which is great. I’m someone who likes to go out of my comfort zone and challenge myself in new situations. I enjoy doing digital art, from which I’ve been able to start a small business alongside school. In school I’m taking physics, maths, and psychology A-levels. I hope to further study physics. I love spending time with new people and learning about others.

Interest & Hobbies:

  • Art
  • Audiobooks
  • Physics
  • Music
  • Moves & TV
  • Cooking

Your BTE Experience:

My favorite BTE experience was working on the health dilemma task, which allowed me to get to know my teammates a lot better and it was interesting to see how differently we all thought when making difficult decisions. It was a great experience and I made new memories whilst learning a lot of skills.

Looking Forward to ABTS:

I’m excited to work with others virtually, I think it’ll be a new experience and I can learn a lot of skills from it. I look forward to learning about others’ experiences.

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