J&J Local Partner


Community Partner

  • Servicios a la Juventud, A.C. (SERAJ)
  • Colegio de Bachilleres del Estado de Puebla (COBAEP 18)
  • The Resource Foundation
Johnson & Johnson has extended its BTE initiatives in Latin and South America. FHI 360 has worked with Johnson & Johnson, Colegio de Bachilleres del Estado de Puebla (COBAEP 18), and Servicios a la Juventud, A.C. (SERAJ) to collaboratively design and launch the program with students back in September 2020. The three-year program currently seeks to increase the number of youth enrolling in higher education and increase the number of youth pursuing careers in the Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Manufacturing, and Design (STEM2D) disciplines. The partners will provide a variety of academic enrichment, career exploration and readiness, higher education exploration & preparation, and community engagement and leadership opportunities and activities including:
  • Academic Enrichment Readiness- tutoring; examination preparation; college/career guidance
  • Career Exploration and Readiness- career assessment; company tours/job shadowing; career readiness workshops; career coaching, etc.
  • Higher Education Awareness & Preparation- application support; college readiness workshops
  • Community Engagement & Leadership- team building; community service; parent engagement; celebration events etc.

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