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  • Philadelphia Education Fund (PEF)
In September 2021, Johnson & Johnson Global Supply Chain and Janssen Supply Chain launched the BTE Philadelphia, Pennsylvania program in partnership with the Philadelphia Education Fund (PEF), Mastery Charter Schools, LaSalle University, Drexel University, and FHI 360. Partners collaboratively designed and launched the program, targeting 50 students enrolled in their last three years at Mastery's Lenfest and Shoemaker campuses in the 2021-2022 academic year. The program is designed to help build solid futures by introducing a broad array of careers in the STEM2D sectors and providing enhanced academic and real-world experiences. The specific programmatic components include interactive classroom curricula and lessons plans; Johnson & Johnson guest speakers and on-site corporate visits; and higher education presentations and field trips. By harnessing the collective expertise of these diverse organizations, the BTE Philadelphia is working to cultivate students’ STEM content knowledge, skillsets, career interests, and career aspirations.

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Key Program Activities


By the end of the BTE Philadelphia program (June 2024), the following long-term outcomes are expected: