J&J Local Partner

Johnson & Johnson Johnson & Johnson (formerly J&J Medical) Johnson & Johnson Institute of Advanced Medical Education (IAME)

Community Partner

  • Prerana – Coordinating Entity
  • Datta Meghe Academy, New Bombay
  • John Wilson Educational Society – Wilson High School
  • Seva Sadan Society’s Girls’ High School

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In February 2014, Johnson & Johnson, Johnson & Johnson Medical, Johnson & Johnson Institute of Advanced Medical Education (IAME) and Prerana launched a BTE program in Mumbai, India.  The three-year program offered a variety of enrichment activities to 50 students attending either the Seva Sadan School or John Wilson High School, including:
  • Coaching Classes: Remedial education and tutoring for students facing some difficulty in the core academic content subjects.
  • Teacher Talks & Professional Development: These workshops focused on helping teachers learn about creative and innovative teaching methods and techniques.  Teachers were also trained on operating the EduComp and Smart Class equipment.
  • Social Skills Workshops focused on relevant foundational skills, including communication, higher-order thinking, self-control, and positive self image, among others.  At least two community service activities were conducted each year.
  • Career Workshops and Career Talks: Career related sessions oriented students to various career options and pathways.
  • Career Interest Mapping: These sessions enabled students to map various careers of interest; resource personnel and career coaches used the maps to support further career exploration, planning, and goal setting.
  • Company Tours: Tours to health care facilities and health care companies helped students gain a clear understanding of careers in the health sector.
  • Educational Field Trips: These will focus on academics; mainly Math, Science and English.
  • Parent Workshops: These workshops will focus on effective parenting skills in terms of lending academic and career support to the BTE students.
  • Case Management Meetings with Parents: The BTE team met with and helped parents stay connected with their child’s progress.
  • Case Management Meetings with Teachers: BTE team members and teachers  met to understand the impact of the program on students and what other inputs were required to ensure successful outcomes.
  • Guest Lectures and Health Resource Workers: A guest lecturer series educated students about the different careers that fall under the umbrella of health care. These lectures benefited all the students at the respective schools and helped BTE students make informed decisions about a career path. The lectures complemented and supplemented the career sessions.