J&J Local Partner

Johnson & Johnson (formerly J&J Medical)

Community Partner

  • Baylor Rehabilitation Services
  • Columbia Hospital of Arlington
  • GeneScreen Inc.
  • Mary Kay
  • North Area School-to-Work Program
  • University of Texas at Arlington – Coordinating Entity
The rapid growth of employment opportunities in the health-care and biotechnology industries in the Dallas-Fort Worth area has created a demand for employees that are well-trained in these fields. In response to the needs of local employees, the University of Texas at Arlington joined the Johnson & Johnson Bridge to Employment (BTE) partnership in September 1995. The program's goal was to assist pre-college and undergraduate students to learn about health careers and achieve their goals of a rewarding career in the health science industry, while providing the local economy with a well-trained, experienced, and motivated workforce. To accomplish this task, the program provided student peer mentoring and counseling services, offered courses specific to career development in bioscience, and supplied incentives in the form of scholarships for students that showed exemplary leadership skills, commitment to the community, and academic perseverance. The program also included a four-week summer course for students in grades nine and ten. The course gave these students exposure to the college campus environment and training in basic scientific concepts, computer applications, multimedia technology, career counseling, and job search skills.