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Janssen (formerly Janssen Biotech)

Community Partner

  • Wissahickon School District
  • Montgomery County Community College – Coordinating Entity

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Janssen Biotech Inc. in partnership with Montgomery County Community College and Wissahickon High School (WHS) developed a comprehensive BTE program aimed at preparing the Ambler, PA community’s under-represented (low-income, low ethnic representation, and students with disabilities) and moderately performing students (grades in the C/B range and/or students who are enrolled in less rigorous math and science classes) to pursue college and understand career options available in the health sciences and STEM fields. Launched in September 2012, the BTE program focuses on “STEM for Tomorrow” – a mnemonic device that reminds students of the goals of the program and reinforces the idea of opportunities in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. Program activities include:
  • Soft Skill Development. BTE students participated in discussions and practice sessions to build “soft skills” (inter and intra personal skills) necessary for success in the workplace and post-secondary environment (e.g. stress management, self-regulation, organization, verbal and non-verbal communication skills, business etiquette, diplomacy, persistence). Soft skill development included: soft skills workshops, field trips, and community service.
  • Team Cooperation & Collaboration. BTE students learned how to successfully work with a team and had opportunities to practice effective teamwork strategies, team management and creative/flexible thinking for group problem solving. This involved: team-building events or group experience.
  • Exploration of Careers. BTE students were exposed to a multitude of career areas, which enabled students to understand the work, skills, and preparation for at least three different career options that match the student’s interests, abilities, and values. Students also participated in career inventories, research and development days, field trips, job shadowing, career days, and career portfolios.
  • Math/Science Focus. Students participated in experiential science activities at Janssen Biotech, Inc, where they learned about specific science careers.
  • Financial Literacy. BTE students and parents received financial literacy instruction, which covered topics such as the correlation between higher education and lifetime earnings, the cost of college, the financial aid process for college, finance, debt prevention and personal management, and how to complete the FAFSA.
  • Transition to Post-Secondary Education. BTE students had the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities that support “successful transition” to post-secondary education, including the “Ready, Set, Go to College” workshop series and higher education tours and tasters, as well as Dual Enrollment – the ability to take introductory courses at the College.