ABTS 2020 goes virtual this September!

Johnson & Johnson and FHI 360 are thrilled to host the first ever virtual Bridge to Employment (BTE) Alliance Building & Training Session (ABTS) on September 28-30. This year there will be 13 Student Ambassadors attending from communities in Ireland, South Africa, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Ambassadors will complete a team-based challenge project with other Student Ambassadors, participate in virtual sessions and informal discussions with other students and general participants, as well as meet and work with BTE alumni and share their BTE experiences. Above all else, student ambassadors will make memories and friendships that will last a lifetime!

Learn more at www.bridge2employment.org/abts/abts2020

BTE-Athens, Georgia, USA Kick-Off

On August 27, BTE- Athens, Georgia, USA will gather together to host a kick-off celebration!

Amplify Youth Voice

MENTOR is celebrating the power of young people’s voices & their mentoring relationships. Encourage BTE youth to raise their voices & share their stories using #HearOurVoices & #MentorIRL.Visit http://www.mentoring.org/youthvoice to submit mentoring stories & be featured by MENTOR!

2020 Global Youth Leadership Council (YLC)

Johnson & Johnson and FHI 360 seek Bridge to Employment (BTE) students to participate on the 2020 global Youth Leadership Council (YLC). The ten-member YLC gives youth a platform to voice their opinions and shape the future of the global BTE program. YLC members will share their experiences and make recommendations to advance BTE student learning, engagement, and retention.
All BTE students are invited to apply. Interested applicants should:

1. Complete the Application Form. Complete the application form, either online using the following link: https://www.bridge2employment.org/bte-forms/2020ylcapplication/ OR by TYPING all required information, including responses to the short answer questions in the hard copy application provided. Handwritten or incomplete applications WILL NOT be considered. For those completing a hard copy application, please print out and sign the application (or insert an electronic signature). For those applying online, please be sure to include your electronic signature. All applicants should be sure to include a parent/guardian signature.

2. Provide a Resume/CV

3. Submit a Complete Recommendation Form. A recommendation form must be completed from an individual that can assess students’ skills and abilities (BTE site coordinator, teacher, advisor, supervisor, or other professional). To submit online, professional references must visit: https://www.bridge2employment.org/bte-forms/2020ylcrecform/ ‎

A complete application package can be submitted at any time but must be submitted no later than 5:00 PM EST on Friday, September 27, 2019. Late applications WILL NOT be accepted. All applicants will be notified of the committee’s decision by November 1, 2019.

BTE-Helsingborg, Sweden Kick-off Event

Johnson & Johnson with Lund University (campus Helsingborg) and Olympiaskolan, will launch a Bridge to Employment (BTE) program in Helsingborg, Sweden. The three-year program will provide a variety of academic enrichment, career exploration, and higher education preparation opportunities to increase in the number of young people completing higher education and pursuing STEM careers. On August 26, BTE-Helsingborg, Sweden will gather together to host a kick-off celebration!

BTE-Helsingborg, Sweden Volunteer Training

BTE-Helsingborg, Sweden Volunteer Training will be held on August 26, 2019.

Pre-College Academy

Pathway to Success builds on Johnson & Johnson’s Bridge to Employment program. It creates opportunities for High School students to prepare for college and to build a career path. On July 15, 2019, students will have an opportunity to attend the Pre-College Academy at The College of New Jersey. Students will spend a week experiencing on-campus housing, participating in college and career workshops, and partaking in team building exercises.

BTE-Phoenixville Graduation!

On May 30,  families, teachers, and mentors came together to celebrate the graduation of students from BTE- Phoenixville! Congratulations on their well-deserved success!

BTE-Santa Ana, California, USA Graduation!

On May 18, BTE-Santa Ana partners celebrated the graduation of their students! We are so proud to announce all graduates will be attending college this fall! We wish you the best of luck for the future, Congratulations!

BTE-High Wycombe Graduation!

BTE-High Wycombe, UK partners will celebrate the graduation of the BTE students!

ABTS 2019

FHI 360’s annual Alliance Building and Training Session (ABTS) will be held in New Brunswick, New Jersey on October 2-4, 2019! The ABTS is a professional development and learning session for BTE partners from around the globe. This year, Student Ambassadors from eleven Year 2 and Year 3 sites will be selected to attend.

BTE-Auckland, New Zealand Volunteer Training

Half-day training session for BTE-Auckland, New Zealand Volunteers on positive youth development and helping young people plan for the future.

BTE-Las Piedras, Puerto Rico Volunteer Training

Half-day training session for BTE-Las Piedras, Puerto Rico Volunteers on positive youth development and building foundational skills.

BTE-East London, South Africa Volunteer Training

Half-day training session for BTE-East London, South Africa Volunteers on positive youth development and building foundational skills.

Strategic Planning: BTE-Athens, Georgia USA

FHI 360 will assist local partners in planning the new BTE program in Athens, Georgia, launching in September 2019.

Strategic Planning: BTE-Helsingborg, Sweden

FHI 360 will assist local partners in planning the new BTE program in Helsingborg, Sweden launching in September 2019.

BTE-Norristown Area Volunteer Training

Half-day training session for BTE-Norristown Area, Pennsylvania Volunteers on positive youth development and building foundational skills.

BTE Bracknell New Volunteer Training

FHI 360 will train  Volunteers in Bracknell, UK in positive youth development!

ABTS 2018

FHI 360 will bring all current BTE sites together at the annual Alliance Building and Training Session (ABTS). This year, ABTS will be in Lisbon, Portugal! Student Ambassadors from eleven year 2 and 3 sites will join the fun.

BTE-New Brunswick Volunteer Training

FHI 360 will train  Volunteers in New Brunswick, New Jersey in positive youth development!

BTE-Norristown Area Showcase

BTE students in Norristown Area will celebrate their year by showcasing their achievements to parents, family, and others.

BTE-Trenton End-of-Year Celebration

BTE students in Trenton, New Jersey will celebrate a successful school year!

BTE-Bracknell Kick-Off

A new BTE site joins us in the UK!

Yumbo, Colombia Volunteer Training

FHI 360 will train volunteers in Yumbo, Colombia on best practices in working with students.

New Brunswick Strategic Planning

FHI 360 will assist local partners in planning their new BTE program, launching 2018.

BTE-Yokneam, Israel Volunteer Training

FHI 360 will train Johnson & Johnson Volunteers in Israel in working with students.

BTE-Auckland Year 2 Site Visit

FHI 360 will meet with Johnson & Johnson and Brothers in Arms staff to evaluate progress and plan the next year.

Mexico City Kick-Off!

Welcome to a new member of the BTE family! BTE-Mexico City Kicks-off December 8th, 2017.

Las Piedras Kick-off!

Welcome to our newest BTE site, Las Piedras, Puerto Rico. They kick-off February 1st.

East London Kick-Off!

BTE-East London, South Africa joins the BTE family with their kick-off on January 31st.

2017 Alliance Building & Training Session

The 2017 Alliance Building & Training Session (ABTS) is scheduled for October 8-10 in Washington, DC.  More information will be available in the coming days.

Graduation, New Brunswick, NJ

Congratulations to BTE students in New Brunswick, NJ! We wish you the best of luck.

Graduation – Gurabo/Manati, PR

Congratulations to BTE students in Gurabo/Manati, Puerto Rico! We wish you the best of luck.

Welcome BTE- Cali, Colombia

Congratulations and welcome to our newest BTE site in Cali, Colombia. Students are kicking off the program today.

Volunteer Training – Auckland, NZ

Volunteers from Johnson & Johnson Medical New Zealand will participate in training to help guide and mentor Auckland’s new BTE students.

Strategic Planning – Pas Piedras, PR

Las Piedras, PR, one of the newest BTE sites, participates in strategic planning.

Strategic Planning – Bound Brook, NJ

Bound Brook, NJ, one of the newest BTE sites, participates in strategic planning.

Cardiac Classroom – San Diego

BTE – San Diego students will get hands-on experience with the cardiac classroom, an opportunity to learn about the human heart and related health conditions.

BTE Santa Ana College Visit

BTE Santa Ana will hold its first college visit. Students will explore its local community college and opportunities available.

BTE Santa Ana Workshop on College Knowledge

BTE Santa Ana students and parents will participate in a session on college knowledge, or the key information to apply, enroll, and success in college.

Graduation – BTE- Sydney, Australia

Congratulations to BTE-Sydney. Students will graduate from the program.

Kick-off; BTE-Leeds, UK

Welcome to our newest BTE site in Leeds, UK.

Kick-off – BTE – Santa Ana, CA

BTE welcomes students to its newest site in Santa Ana, CA.

Strategic Planning- Cali, Colombia

BTE- Cali, Colombia will kick-off its planning year with a strategic planning session supported by FHI 360.

Student Career Expo & Industry Bite

BTE- Sydney, Australia students will explore careers and industries through a day-long activity. Students will learn about healthcare careers from Johnson & Johnson professionals.

The Surgeon Experience

BTE Taunton is hosting  presentation by Dr. Sigman and Webcast this event to eight other BTE programs around the world. (Ambler, PA, Bucharest, Romania, North Plainfield NJ, Gurabo/Manati, PR, New Brunswick, NJ, San Diego, CA, San Lorenzo, PR, and
High Wycombe, UK)

During the session students will have the opportunity to interact with a surgeon, and learn what they do. Throug this students will also learn about sports medicine, its importance and why it is a growing market while understanding the relationship between DePuy Synthes and Johnson & Johnson.  Angela Landerholm, medical school student, will also explain her journey and the time, effort and energy it takes to complete medical school.

BTE Mumbai Summer Camp

During this five day camp, BTE Mumbai students will receive career guidance, complete science experiments, and develop soft skills.

BTE – Naples Graduation

Students from BTE – Naples will graduation from the program.

BTE – North Plainfield

Students from BTE – North Plainfield will celebrate their graduation.

BTE – Bucharest Graduation

BTE – Bucharest will celebrate the graduation of its students.

Announcing Winners!

Our year-long celebration of BTE continues! Join us on Thursday, May 4 at 11 am EDT as we announce the winners of The BTE Story Video Contest. Our first place prize is a trip to Washington, DC for the Alliance and Training Building Session in October. 

Watch us on Facebook Live at https://www.facebook.com/jandjbridgetoemployment/