BTE Partners transition through four unique phases in their journey to successfully launch and execute a BTE program in the local community:

  1. Cultivation (3-12 months): Learning about the BTE program and gaining commitment from the local operating company’s executive leadership to initiate a BTE program.
  2. Exploration (3-5 months): Working with FHI 360 to select and engage BTE partners, including a coordinating entity, a secondary school(s), and an institution(s) of higher education.
  3. Strategic Planning (6-12 months): Designing and planning a unique, local BTE program that aligns with community initiatives and meets students’ needs.
  4. Implementation (3 Years). Offering a variety of program activities to 35-50 students in their last three-years of secondary school in an effort to increase interest in health careers and enrollment in higher education.

FHI 360 developed a number of Program Management Tools to help partners’ design, apply for, manage, implement, and sustain the local BTE program.