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Johnson & Johnson, in partnership with the National Business Initiative (NBI) and the University of Pretoria launched the second BTE program in South Africa in March 2012. Building on the success of the BTE-Cape Town initiate, the Johannesburg program targeted 35 students at Midrand High School in order to increase the number of students enrolling in tertiary education and pursuing health careers.

BTE program activities focused on:

  1. Academic Enrichment: teacher development; tutoring in English, math and science; STEM expos; and student portfolio development.
  2. Applied Learning: hands-on, research-based science, math, entrepreneurial, and health-based community service projects; and soft skills workshop series.
  3. Career Exploration: a career exhibition; an annual “school holiday camp” at Johnson & Johnson (featuring career discussions, tours, coaching and job shadowing); and core job readiness workshops (targeting interviewing and CV development).
  4. Tertiary Education Linkages: a “school holiday camp” at the University of Pretoria in the second program year involved tours, workshops, peer shadowing, and application support.


An evaluation of BTE-Johannesburg found that students gained important skills and academic knowledge, exceeding that of a control group. Key findings include:

  • Academic Enrichment: The average GPA increased from 61.8 percent in year one to 64.9 in year  three. Similar trends were recorded for science (54.7 percent to 63.1) and native languages (58.5 percent to 60.8 percent). As in previous years, the BTE group performed better than the control group.
  • Career Exploration & Work Readiness: On all items used to measure work readiness skills, the BTE group consistently scored high (with percentages agreeing and strongly agreeing exceeding 80 percent). In most cases, the BTE scores were higher than those of the control group.
  • Higher Education Exploration & Preparation: The levels of higher education awareness were high throughout the program. All the BTE students expressed their intention to study for degrees at universities. When surveyed, 95 percent of respondents had completed their applications and 61.9 percent claimed to have registered with a higher education institution.

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