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Johnson & Johnson is pleased to expand its BTE initiatives in the United States. FHI 360 is working with Johnson & Johnson Consumer, The Lancaster STEM Alliance, the School District of Lancaster, and J.P. McCaskey High School to collaboratively design and launch a program in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania community in September 2021.


By the end of the program (August 2024):

  • 100% of BTE students will graduate from high school
  • BTE students will demonstrate STEM2D knowledge by:
    • Scoring proficient or above on the Keystone Algebra 1 Exam and the Keystone Biology 1
      Exam OR meeting McCaskey HS science and math graduation requirements.
    •  50% Successfully completing one or more advanced level science and/or math courses
    • 50% Successfully completing a STEM2D internship program or job shadow with a local business
  • 80% of BTE graduates will enroll in postsecondary education
  • 90% of BTE students have identified a career pathway
  • 80% of BTE students will demonstrate the workplace soft skills of communication, teamwork, time management, decision-making, conflict resolution, and problem-solving by successfully working with their peers to complete a series of college and career design challenges
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