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In February 2018, Johnson & Johnson Mexico, the Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, and Colegio de Bachilleres launched a BTE program for 60 youth (tenth graders in school year 2017-2018) in Mexico City, Mexico. Throughout the three-year program, the partners will provide a variety of academic enrichment, career exploration, and higher education preparation opportunities, including:

  • Academic Support from the Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana and Colegio de Bachilleres—tutoring and two extra-curricular projects a year.
  • Higher Education Awareness—two vists to higher education institutes per year, including one visit to a science laboratory.
  • Career Awareness—Annual visits to J&J facilities and public institutions, career talks, and job shadows.
  • Career Coaching & Life Planning—Career talks and guided life planning.


By the end of the program (June 2020), BTE-Mexico City expects the following outcomes:

  • 90% of BTE students graduate from high school.
  • 90% of BTE graduates apply to at least one institution of higher education.
  • 50% of BTE graduates who applied to an institution of higher education, are accepted and plan to attend.
  • 50% of BTE students graduates chose a major within the health and STEM sectors

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