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In September 2014, Johnson & Johnson Corporate in partnership with Rutgers University’s Office for Diversity and Academic Success in the Sciences (ODASIS) and New Brunswick Public Schools launched its fifth BTE program in the New Brunswick, New Jersey community.  The program worked with 50 students (10th graders in school year 2014-2015) enrolled at New Brunswick High School (NBHS) or New Brunswick Health Sciences Technology High School (NBHSTHS).  Activities were designed to support career and postsecondary educational readiness; to increase academic profiles, ensuring competitive college and career applicants; to become educated and aware of admissions and financial aid processes; and to become contributing members to their local community and society in general.  Key program activities included:

  • Saturday Program: monthly academic support in four core classes (Math, Science, English, and History) and workshops on study methods (Year 1); SAT Math and English prep courses (Year 2); and Rutger’s Basic Composition / English 100 and Expository Writing / English 101 courses (Year 3) which will result in 6 college credits for grades of “C+” or higher.
  • After-School Program: supplemental academic support for four core classes (Science, Math, English, and History).
  • Applied Learning Project: a team-based learning project that requires students to conduct research, evaluate data, and formulate statistical information.
  • Company Tours: tours at Johnson & Johnson World Headquarters and other local Johnson & Johnson operating companies.
  • Career Readiness Workshops: monthly workshops targeting effective communication, presentation skills, resume writing, interviewing, and ethical decision making.
  • Johnson & Johnson Mentoring: Johnson & Johnson employees serve as a source of academic, career, and motivational support for BTE students.
  • Job Shadowing Experiences: a job shadowing experience at Johnson & Johnson or another healthcare industry exposes students to health and science related careers.
  • College Tours: visits to a variety of postsecondary learning institutions.
  • College Readiness Workshops: introductory workshops for BTE students and parents on applying to college, obtaining financial aid, finding the best academic and financial fit.


The independent evaluation of the BTE-New Brunswick, New Jersey (5) found several positive outcomes:

  • 81% of the BTE students completed the three-year program (35:43 students)
  • 100% of BTE participants increased their SAT scores by an average of 150 points.
  • 100% of BTE participants graduated from high school (vs. 69% school-wide graduation rate).
  • 100% of BTE graduates were accepted to higher education
  • 97% of BTE graduates are enrolled and will attend higher education.
  • 94% of BTE graduates placed out of remedial-level math.
  • 80% of BTE graduates obtained 6 college-level credits.
  • 86% of BTE graduates plan to pursue a health / STEM related major.
  • 100% of BTE graduates possess key work readiness skills.

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