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In September 2013, Johnson & Johnson in partnership with Raritan Valley Community College (RVCC) and North Plainfield School District launched a new BTE program in for 45 rising sophomores in school year 2013/14 attending North Plainfield High (NPH).  The three-year program provided a structure for academic and work-based learning with measurable results.  Program activities focused in the following areas:

  • Academic Support & Enrichment.  Throughout the program, students with academic warnings received academic tutoring by North Plainfield High School teachers.
  • Community Service & Leadership Development. In Year 1, students participated in a three-day workshop facilitated by The Protocol School of New Jersey; the session focused on The Power of Influence and Executive Image.  In the remaining two years, students engaged in service projects with Johnson & Johnson employees, follow-up workshops by the NJ School of Protocol, team building sessions, and student leadership opportunities.
  • Career Development. Johnson & Johnson employees and RVCC staff offered interactive activities that focused on various careers within the healthcare field. Career Coaching by Johnson & Johnson volunteers occurred about every 6 weeks for groups of students based on career interests.
  • Higher Education Support.  Academic planning sessions, financial aid/Education Opportunity Fund information sessions, scholarship information sessions, and college major’s/student services sessions provided parents and students with a wealth of information to assist in paying for a quality college education and support post admission.


The independent evaluation of the BTE-North Plainfield, New Jersey  site found several positive outcomes:

  • 91% of BTE students completed the three-year program (41:45).
  • 100% of BTE students completed at least one three-credit higher education course while in high school.
  • BTE students had significantly higher levels of participation in clubs, religious activity, and volunteering than Comparison Group.
  • 89.5% of BTE graduates reported confidence in their ability to talk to adult professionals in their field of interest, significantly higher than the Comparison Group (71.4%).
  • 55.3% of BTE students plan to pursue a career in health or science (vs. 42.9% of the Comparison Group).

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