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The BTE-Wilmington, Delaware program – a partnership between Noramco, Connecting Generations and Newark High School – sought to improve the academic success and high school graduation rate of student participants. The program enhanced school service delivery by offering a comprehensive approach that:

  1. Reduced student-learning barriers
  2. Fostered student interactions
  3. Developed teacher and support service relationships
  4. Facilitated parent-family involvement.

Targeting 35 ninth-grade students (10th graders in September 2011) enrolled at Newark High School residing in the Southbridge and Eastside neighborhoods of Wilmington, Delaware, students received a variety of year-round opportunities (i.e. experiential learning workshops, parent/family sessions) and individualized support (i.e. tutoring, mentoring and career counseling) before, during, and after school, as well as during the summer months.

Each year of the program had a theme, which guided program activities and built on the previous years’ work.

In the 2011-2012 school year, year 1: “The Possibilities”, students gained an introduction to the BTE program and were encouraged to dream big. Group field trips were designed to introduce students to new and challenging environments and to expose them to interesting and successful people.  Some of the year 1 activities that BTE students participated in include: the Johnson & Johnson 125th Anniversary event, community service opportunities; career fairs, one-on-one mentoring, peer tutoring, and peer mentoring.

Year 2 focused on “Making It Happen” or the detailed steps necessary to prepare students for their future success. Program activities educated BTE students on the steps needed to achieve their goals. For many students this included preparation for college or meeting other secondary school requirements.

Year 3, “The Future,” provided the information, skills, tools, resources, and contacts that are necessary for BTE students to be successful in post-high school careers. For many of the students, college was on the horizon. For others, a wide array of other opportunities helped students enter the workforce.


The BTE-Wilmington, Delaware program saw impressive results.

BTE students (from baseline to Year 3) exhibited marked improvements in grade promotion, attendance, test scores, grade point averages, and higher education acceptance compared to non-participants, including:

  • 97% (34:35) graduated from high school, compared with 55% of the comparison group.
  • 95% achieved a 2.0-4.9 GPA (78% achieved 2.5 or higher).
  • 13% improvement in Science grades (8% > comparison).
  • 7% gain in Math grades (4% > comparison).
  • 100% remained on (or regained appropriate) grade-level.
  • 11:11 BTE students – who at the start of the BTE program were not on target to graduate – improved academic standing and graduated within 4 years.
  • 69% of BTE graduates accepted into an institution of higher education compared with a historic school average of 55%.
  • 39% of BTE graduates accepted into a 4-year institution of higher education.
  • 53% of BTE students expressed an interest in post-secondary health-related major.
  • BTE graduates received over $30,000 in scholarships.

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