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The second Cincinnati Bridge to Employment (BTE) partnership focused on reaching out to at-risk youth in the Northwest Local School District at Colerain High School Career Center. The BTE project was coordinated through the Health Excel Services, a program of the Health Technologies Division at Cincinnati State Technical & Community College, in collaboration with Ethicon Endo-Surgery, a local Johnson & Johnson operating company. Together, they broadened the base of the learning environment and created a collaborative partnership. Through this and the previous three-year BTE program, a large number of students in the Diversified Health Occupations program:

  • Participated in a dual enrollment program where they earned three transferable college credits through Cincinnati State Technical and Community College;
  • Attended a Summer Institute with credit-bearing college level courses on the Cincinnati State campus;
  • Gained Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certification, affording the opportunity to work as a CNA while in school;
  • Participated in field trip experiences that complimented classroom teaching by increasing the student’s exposure to numerous professional healthcare careers, including visits to Ethicon-Endo Surgery;
  • Received in-class instruction on professional behaviors and communication skills;
  • Participated in regional and state Diversified Health Occupation competitions (where at least one BTE participant won a gold medal); and
  • Received career, academic and financial assistance counseling.

In 2004, the Cincinnati BTE partnership was awarded a third three-year grant by Johnson and Johnson to continue its work with students in the greater Cincinnati area.


BTE-Cincinnati efforts resulted in the sustainability of Colerain High School’s Diversified Health Occupation program. In fact, at the start of the BTE program, the school was unable to recruit enough students to offer the program. By the end of its third year, the program had not only reached capacity, but boasted a waiting list for admission into the program.

The BTE program was recognized by the Greater Cincinnati Health Council as making a difference in the health care industry and several graduates of the BTE program have become employees at Health Council facilities.

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