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In October 2012, Johnson & Johnson, in partnership with Cordis, Bay Area Biotechnology Education Consortium (BABEC), Newark Memorial High School, Mission Valley ROP, Ohlone College, and Santa Clara University, kicked-off the BTE-Fremont, California.  Core program activities – centered on Academic Enrichment, Career Readiness & Exploration, and Higher Education Exploration and Preparation experiences – included:

  • Academic Tutoring / Peer Mentoring by students enrolled at Santa Clara University or Ohlone College.
  • Company Tours showcased various careers in the health care and STEM fields; industry volunteers provided students with opportunities to discuss different career options.
  • Field Trips: Informal enrichment opportunities, such as visiting local science museums, helped bridge the socio-economic and ethnic gap of access to STEM programming outside of the classroom.
  • Biotech Boot Camp: A week long, skill-building science camp. The Camp is focused on “everyday” science and its linkages to STEM and health careers.
  • Summer Internships. Up to five students per year participated in a six-week summer internship program; students worked with an intern supervisor to complete a science-based project; students will be required to complete a poster / PowerPoint presentation of their work.
  • College Tours with university undergrads as tour guides gave BTE students opportunities to sit in on a science lecture and lab class, and discuss the keys to succeeding in college.
  • College Prep Lectures brought experts to the Newark community with free public lectures such as Road to College, Selecting the Right College for You, College Financial Aid, and Completing the FAFSA Form.
  • College Prep Workshops included SAT Prep Course, college selection, college entrance testing, financial aid and writing workshops for college application essays; All workshops were delivered by a “college prep” professional and complement what the school counselors provide.


An evaluation of BTE- Newark found positive outcomes for students in the three core program areas. These include:

  • Student Academic Achievement and Enrichment:  BTE students came into the program with very high expectation for the benefits of BTE in relation to their motivation to succeed academically, their outlook on the future, and advantages when applying to higher education or a job.  Upon graduation, the majority of students reported that BTE had motivated them to work harder in school (73.3%) and helped them feel good about the future (86.6%).
  • Student Career Exploration and Work Readiness:  BTE students reported gains in knowledge of the skills needed for health careers (35.7% to 71.4%).  BTE students also rated their work readiness skills, and their confidence in those skills, fairly highly.  Upon completing the program two-thirds of BTE students reported having obtained career advice from an adult, and half of those who had obtained such advice indicated that the adult was a Johnson & Johnson employee.
  • Student Higher Education (HE) Exploration and Preparation:  By the end of high school the BTE participants were significantly more likely than the comparison group to have taken at least one higher education (HE) course (72.2 percent vs. 42.9 percent, respectively), and the BTE group had earned significantly more HE credits than the comparison group (average of 19.4 vs. 6.4, respectively).  Upon completing the program, 78.6 percent of BTE students reported having plans to attend HE right after high school, and 58.8 percent of BTE students reported acceptance to at least one HE institution.

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