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Miami-Dade Community College (North Campus and Medical Center Campus)
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Miami, Florida, USA (2)

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Building on an initial BTE partnership in Miami (1997-2000), the second BTE partnership became a major part of Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ school-to-career initiative emphasizing high-skill, high-wage orientation of careers, one of the largest such initiatives in the country.

This partnership enhanced the biomedical career academy at North Miami Beach Senior High School and replicated the BTE model at two additional high schools. In addition to the Cordis summer internships in project planning, operations, and research, students participated in personalized learning, mentoring opportunities, fieldtrips, and “hands-on” learning.  At institutions of higher education, summer enrichment focused on basic training, equipment exploration, and other preliminary science curriculum in the biomedical industry.

High school students were paid for their participation and had the opportunity to earn up to nine college credits towards an Associate in Science degree in Biomedical Engineering Technology.


An evaluation of the BTE program had several positive findings. For example:

  • Over 80 percent of supervisors indicated that their department’s productivity increased as a result of their interns’ contributions;
  • 84 percent of the supervisors agreed that their skills in supervising people to complete tasks and in coaching people were both enhanced by working with BTE students; and
  • 88 percent of supervisors agreed that participating in the internship gave employees new ideas and fresh perspectives on work processes.

One graduate of the BTE program, who went on to earn a bachelor’s degree, is now a Cordis employee.

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