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Johnson & Johnson (formerly Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices & Diagnostics Group)

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Fundacion Cardio Infantil

Bogota, Colombia

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Community Initiative

Johnson & Johnson de Colombia partnered with Fundación Cardioinfantil (FCI) and Politécnico Internacional (PI) to implement a Bridge to Employment (BTE) program in Bogotá, Colombia. The program addressed the economic, social, academic, and geographical disadvantages that prevent the success of young adults by providing a variety of activities, including academic enrichment, applied learning opportunities, and links to continuing education.

In Year 1, the program focused on “College Transitions.” The site worked with 37, first-term students enrolled at the Politécnico Internacional—a private institution that awards the equivalent of a U.S. associate’s degree—in oral health, nursing and electromedicine disciplines. Each student received a tuition scholarship and participated in tutoring, “soft skills” workshops and a guest lecture series, which was facilitated by Johnson & Johnson and PI volunteers.

In subsequent years, the BTE program focused on career development and job placement activities, including resume development, interviewing, entrepreneurship, job placement support, and continuing education opportunities. BTE students received tuition scholarships and were required to participate in corrective and preventative tutoring in key subjects and English language courses. Student-led service-learning projects improved understanding of challenges such as childhood nutrition, oral health, and teenage pregnancy facing the community. To foster long-term impacts, PI instructors participated in intensive professional development aimed at improving pedagogical methods.


BTE – Bogota saw impressive results. Consider the following:

  • 37 BTE students graduated with a degree in a health-related discipline.
  • BTE students were less likely to drop out (12.5 percent vs. 35 percent) and earn higher grades than peers.
  • BTE students reported feeling more knowledgeable, skilled, confident and prepared to join the work world, and, because of BTE, feel able to give back to the community.
  • Health experts and BTE partners reviewed the curriculum of three disciplines and revised it to align with the City’s employment needs.
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