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In September 2016, DePuy Synthes in partnership with Young Enterprise, Leeds City College and university of Leeds launched a BTE program for 50 youth (tenth graders in school year 2016/17) attending South Leeds Academy in Leeds, UK. Throughout the three-year program, the partners provided a variety of academic enrichment, career exploration, and higher education preparation opportunities, including:

  • Academic support: bi-weekly support in math, English, science and information technology.
  • Employability skills program and master class: Students participated in personal finance class.
  • Understanding healthcare/medical terminology: DePuy Synthes supported students in tutoring related to healthcare.
  • Career lectures and hospital tours: Students participated in lectures from professionals from various professions, while also touring hospitals and the medical museum.
  • Introduction to higher and further education: Students gained problem solving and presentation skills, while learning about university from current students.
  • Leeds Festival of Science and STEM summer school: Workshops and summer sessions that helped students strengthen STEM knowledge.


By the end of the program (June 2019), BTE partners expected the following outcomes:

  • 50% of BTE graduates improved at least one grade.
  • 40% of BTE graduates will pursue further education, applying to three or more FE/HE institutions.
  • 80% of BTE graduates accepted to higher education.
  • 50% of BTE graduates enter STEM related fields
  • 100% of BTE graduates demonstrate give core values and their attributes.
  • 100% of BTE graduates demonstrate key employability skills/ core competencies at a professional level.

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