ABTS 2022: Day 3 Recap, September 15, 2022 EDT

Concluding the ABTS 2022 event on Thursday, September 15, 2022 was a bittersweet day for attendees. Not only was this the final day of our BTE global family coming together, but it was the closing of BTE’s 30 Year celebration! Day 3 was filled with enriching and thought-provoking sessions. The day began with not one, but two panel discussions. During the Data Insights session, attendees learned the importance of data and how it can be used to drive continuous improvement and impact in the future. Our second panel discussion focused on successful volunteer recruitment strategies. During the Volunteer Mobilization panel, five BTE Champions came together to share their tips for success to not only recruit volunteers, but keep them engaged, informed, and motivated. A learning session was also facilitated by the BTE High Wycombe site, who is now beginning their fourth BTE cohort. During this session, the veteran High Wycombe leadership team share their approaches to help cultivate and foster personal and professional development amongst program participants.  Role Alikes were also held with BTE Champions and Site Coordinators, which gave space to share and learn from colleagues in similar roles. ABTS concluded with closing remarks from BTE’s executive leaders, Yezenia Ramos, Senior Manager for Global Impact, Johnson & Johnson, and Amanda McMahon, Director of College & Career Readiness, FHI 360.

The following Day 3 session materials are available for review:

Session Recordings: